Whose Slave Do YOU Choose To Be?

Confronting yet it’s one of life’s absolutely necessary questions…

Written By: Ray. S. Edited By: Phil. D.

Passage: Romans 6:15-7:6

Focus: But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.”  Romans 6:2

We’ll be short and sweet for those who embrace these Biblical Gospel truths that the Apostle Paul is passionately presenting.

But….BEWARE….the same presentation plays out to be short and bitter for those who reject.

slave shacklesUsing the ‘sliding emphasis’ process let’s do a little exercise:

YOU are a slave.  You ARE a slave.  You are a SLAVE.

Do you get the point?

This is not just my opinion talking.  If the Bible is TRUE, this is TRUTH.

And the critical determination for all of us to make is this:


It appears that there is no lasting neutral zone.

Here is the hallmark of Biblical revelation as it presents the great options before us.  Let’s home in on the last verse of chapter 6—a well-known scripture—and well-known for very good reason.

I would recommend that you memorize it and reflect on it often—like 24/7!  Let’s quote it here…and I’ll take the liberty to insert some parenthetical comments.

For the wages of sin (the final outcome of slavery to sin) is death (spiritual, eternal, conscious death), but the gift of God (the final outcome of His Amazing Grace) is eternal life in (through, by means of) Christ Jesus our Lord (the absolute best ‘slave master!’) (Romans 6:23).


“God has promised forgiveness for your repentance,

but he has not promised tomorrow for your procrastination.”


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